Some Case Results

Arson – After a series of residential arsons, a client was facing charges that would result in a mandatory prison sentence. A negotiated reduction in the charges resulted in a sentence of probation.

Drug Trafficking – Client, an over the road truck driver, is found to be carrying nearly 50 pounds of marijuana in boxes located in his trailer. Facing a mandatory prison sentence, the case proceeded to bench trial. The defendant was acquitted and returned home to his family in Florida.

Driving Under the Influence – Client facing loss of driving privileges as a first time offender whose breath alcohol was more than twice the legal limit, had her case thrown out for lack of evidence when the judge ruled the police had no right to stop her vehicle.

Drug Trafficking – Facing mandatory prison and held in jail on a high bond, heroin possession charges were reduced to non-reporting probation without a conviction when a motion to suppress was filed challenging the reason why client’s vehicle was stopped.

Suspended License – After living with a suspended license for years, opening up and resolving old traffic cases resulted in valid driving privileges.

Commercial Driver’s License – Facing traffic charges that would result in a loss of his commercial driving privileges, driver’s case was dismissed on the trial date. Driver maintains his ability to work and support his family.

Domestic Battery – Facing mandatory criminal conviction on domestic battery charges, case is reduced for court supervision. Case is expunged and no record of the case exists.

Stalking – Charged with stalking an ex-girlfriend, client faces a possible prison sentence. Case results in a sentence of TASC probation which, when completed, will result in a non-conviction.